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Med izdelavo paketa vam pomagamo pri odločitvi o velikosti, formatu strani, postavitvi, papirju, načinu tiskanja, stiskanju in nenazadnje o svojem dizajnu. Ko oblikujemo vaš izdelek, pripravimo datoteke, pripravljene za tisk, in po potrebi organiziramo tisk in na koncu dostavo.

Prosimo, da preverite podrobnosti vsakega izdelka, ki so navedene spodaj.

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Business cards are one of the first things you give out, when representing yourself, your company, product or brand, but it is one of the last you want to create. The reason for this is, you will need your logo first, on which your business card will be build on. You will need you website and an email address since these are the basic informations, your business card will normally include. You will organise yourself a business telephone number beforehand and last but not least, you might need an address for your company, which can lead to opening a business, renting an office and more.

But once you’ve decided about the information, your business card will include, the process of making one can be fast and easy. We recommend you decide about the general look, shape, size and paper, explain the designer all the details, you would like to include or leave him all the work and let him send you suggestions.


We always recommend standard size for business cards, which is 85 x 55 mm or 3.5 x 2 inch (1050 x 600 px). From our experience, some printers might print them as of 84 x 55 mm and remember, business cards include “bleed area”, which is an extra space for design elements, which will fall of the Art-board area, meaning they go beyond the cut edges (Picture 1). This is important so you don’t end up with business cards, that have white edges, while a card itself is coloured, or it includes a photography or basically any vector design. It’s even more important to consider this if you want an edge of any colour. Printers will guaranty you accuracy up to 2 - 3 mm or 0,08 - 0,12 inch, which means if you have 5 mm or 0,2 inch of edge, you just might end up with a business card that will have an edge on one side 5 mm or 0,2 inch and on the other only 2 mm or 0,08 inch and that will not be aesthetically pleasing.

For these and many other reasons, we suggest, you consult with the designer, before making any bigger decisions. In retrospect, business cards are not expensive, so you can order new ones and recycle the old ones. Some printers even provide free print trial before the big day of your final print, but it can also cost you from 25 up to 100 EUR, depends on the printer.


Designer will help you to distinguish between various types of paper, but he will not have much affect on the print itself. That being said, it’s important to consult with the printer you trust or let this choice be made by designer, since he’s the one with past experience on the job and will most likely know which printers are the best choice for your product. Before print he will also prepare you a so-called prepress, which is print ready file for you business card.

Also, make sure, you receive examples of paper before print, discuss about the thickness of your business cards and remember the colour is not absorbed the same by all sorts of paper, meaning, the colour on your end product may vary.


Always ask for a Prepress file, in case you will run of your business cards and want to repeat the print later on with some other printer. Keep in mind you will receive a copyrighted vector file and it is forbidden to copy or change the inside data unless agreed otherwise.

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Presentation of your selected products can be gathered in a catalog, or you may need a booklet for the next festival.

For many years, we have been preparing various formats and prepress for these purposes. When creating a Catalogue, Booklet, Brochure or Book Design it is always good to know the number of pages beforehand. This helps with the following decisions about the format, paper and binding choice your end-product is about to include. Remember the paper will be usually folded in half and as such it has four sites, so always multiply by 4 when deciding about amount of pages ( 4, 8, 12, 16, … ).


We can design any given format, but the minimum size for a catalogue is normally 16 pages (cover included). Keep in mind, some empty pages always give the right feel (chapters, sections) and with bigger catalogues, books or brochures, price won’t be of a great difference

Designer can help you with indexing your pages and give your content a better perspective. Simplicity and and transparency are key, especially when the projects are big and the content is torn to smaller sections.


It is also a good practice to choose a design template your designer creates before he starts with his work on which the catalogue or booklet will be based on. This is the right time to decide about the colours, selected typefaces and some general feel.

To spare you some money, we strongly recommend you prepare your text and the rest of the content beforehand. This way the designer will focus on the layout and design and unnecessary extra hours for correcting text and changing photos won’t take place. This is also important for the amount of time, the designer will spend on the project and focus his mind on the end product and it’s aesthetically pleasing feel instead of on corrections.


At the end of the project you will receive end-product before prepress and you will have the opportunity (2 revisions) to correct any mistakes made on your or designers end. Keep in mind we are all humans and we advise more people take a good look at your catalogue, especially if it’s a bigger project. We all wish to avoid extra costs and at this point we’d like to remind you there are some companies that offer print insurance. At E-CREATE we have our orders insured, but never the less, our goal is to meet the delivery deadlines.

After you confirm that you’re satisfied with your end-product, a designer can organise your print and delivery. Sometimes the printer does another Prepress to see if everything is as it should be and warn the designer about the corrections needed. This step normally doesn’t concern the client, but there can be exceptions. In this case designer will contact you with additional questions or ask you for permission to change something. But nothing to be worry about, these are the common procedures and you will receive your product as desired. We recommend you stay patient and calm and mostly that you don’t pressure the designer or printer and you lay your trust into their hands. This way, they will do their job with accuracy and due diligence without unneeded pressure which may result in mistakes.

Regardless if you decided to organise a print through the designer or you went directly to your desired printer by yourself, you can always ask for delivery options. Many provide it as a part of an offer and you want have a lot of extra costs and with big orders you might even get it free of charge.

Afterwards be aware that everybody who worked on a project put a great amount of their, not only business time, but also their personal energy and input into this, now end-product. Even if there were some wrong turns on the way, keep in mind, we are all humans and you never know, when you might work together again. Be kind and give them your opinion, a constructive criticism if you will, but mostly, thank them.

If you would like to receive an offer for printing and shipping, please notify us while contacting us.

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After you’ve been through a long, overwhelming process of recording, mastering, and finally getting your CD, there awaits another process to publish your work and that is the design of your record. You are probably an artist yourself and you want to impress and stand out with your work, but also, the look should be delivering the same message as your record.

These and many more concerns we try to convey into your end-product, while designing you CD cover, booklet, and CD plaque Design. And for those, who want to go a step further, we create a packaging, that stand out for itself. Please check our Package Design to read more about this.

If you're on the other hand looking for online solutions, we will pitch in an extra discount. Contact us and we will tell you more about it.

If you would like to receive a suggestion for recording studios, recording and mastering or an offer for printing and shipping, please contact us.

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In 2019, online service orders beat the print business. However, poster and flayer are still one of the most common ways of advertising. But you can help nature and be responsible to the environment.

When ordering prints, opt for eco-print or recycled paper. What's the difference? At Eco Printing, you donate to planting Amazonian trees, and recycling is the recovery of already used, waste material in the production process. The purpose of recycling is to reduce the consumption of potentially usable substances, to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials and energy, and to prevent the pollution of air, water and soil. Recycling also reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional production and is a key component of modern waste management.

For Email Flyers we offer special discounts. If you would like to receive a different offer, please contact us or read more about our Order Process. For questions click on the Messenger in the lower right corner. Thank You.

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Package design is a small but important part of our service, stimulating us with origami and our children's imagination. In the process, we are precise and pay attention to the quality and durability of the product.


When we observed the process through out various kind of design, we’ve noticed the position is key to trust and the after effect key to surprise. With that in mind, we started developing ideas to create a package design, that surprises you (effect), but not confuses you (usage).

When creating your product packaging, we mostly think about your product and we design the packaging around it. This way, the product is the main focus and the packaging supports and enhances it.

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Designing a company logo requires a good reflection on the overall message of the company. Also, icons are part of your corporate identity and easily convey the performance of your services.


At E-CREATE, we are designing a website for you to get affordable icons where you can download them and even redesign them: The ANICONA project is aimed primarily at graphic designers who design and sell icons, and advertise and at web developers who need such icons when creating websites.

If you would like to receive an offer for logo, please contact us or read more about it at ANICONA.COM. Thank you.

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A website is a great foundation for a personal presentation, presentation of a business, service or brand. It is designed based on the logo and other aspects of corporate identity and corporate design.

The following aspects are considered when designing a website:


If you don't have yet and Web Site, the start process can be frustrating and even overwhelming. For these reasons we will try to describe it as simple as possible. Below you can find titles, so you can skip them if you&re already familiar with them.


Web Site begins with carefully -and usually related to logo- chosen name of a your URL address, called a Domain Name. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator and it does exactly what it says, it locates your resource, that is your Web Site. You normally type URL address into an URL search box of your favourite browser which then connects you to the desired address.

After you have chosen your Domain Name you need to check if it IS free to purchase it. Prices for Domain Names vary around 10 - 20 EUR, but you might also purchase a Domain Name, that was already both and used. Just be careful that it was not used for frauds an de aware it might cost much more, some domain name can cost you thousands of euros.

You can let us know, in what type of business you're in and we can help you decide about the name and buy a domain name for you.


For many people it's hard to understand what hosting is and why you need it. After you bought a Domain Name, you need to settle it somewhere. It"s like a new car, that still needs a garage, but it can be parked on the streets, until it has one. So no worries if you bought a Domain Name and you still haven't got a hosting provider.

We recommend you consider about how much space will your Web Site need and what will it include. You can then choose a package for a yearly hosting service. You can consult with us or any other provider about it. To help you with this, you can read below about most common topics.


We create WordPress Open Source System Web Sites and within that we offer you to choose from many beautiful Templates or you trust us to built you a Web Site we consider to fit your needs. Together we decide about the final outlook, discuss the details and building of your Web Site begins.


Depending on your chosen Template, we can built in partial chunks of code or ad a Plugin for a certain function of your Web Site. Some Plugins are sold at a price, but most of them have their free version available. We try to provide Plugins that are free of charge, but sometimes the Template or your needs demand more sufficient solution. It is important for us to know, what kind of Web Site you need to offer you a final proposal.


Your logo represents the basic of your corporate identity and as such, should be included into your website. There are approx. 10 different files needed to present various aspects of your website, such as Site Icon, Favicon, Mobile Logo, Retina Mobile Logo, Facebook Share Image, Apple Touch Icon, Sticky Header and more. You can see them, while surfing the world wide web, in browsers, URL search bar, tabs and more.





Beside Terms and Conditions your Web Site requires General Data Privacy Regulation, known as GDPR or Privacy Policy. When we build your Web Site, we make sure, you receive extra pages for you to integrate all the necessary data. Please remember, we don't write the legal text, but if you don't have it, we can gather the offers and present the best one for you.


Website also requires Cookies for the site to function, these are the so called Necessary Cookies. We built Web Sites with an Open Source System WordPress. This allows us to use a Plugin for these matters that can be designed by measurements of your corporate design and mostly, we care about it's functionality. Cookies are part of your GDPR, so we make sure, they are linked to them and that user have an option to decide to which ones he or she agrees to.


Your Internet site is to be secured and protected with a SSL certificate. The result of it is very simple, your Web Site receives an HTTPS and a Lock before your Domain Name in the URL Search Browser Window. This way your site will work against intrusion and protect your visitors' data protection, which will also be GDPR compliant. We suggest that you be responsible and lock your site the same way you would lock your home.



World Wide Web is becoming a crowded place and to make a mark, you need a lot of targeted marketing. We take care your chunks of texts, pictures and other graphic objects are marked and named correctly in the backend of your Web Site. We add Alt Tags, Meta Tags, much needed Descriptions and we name the uploaded files. This way your Web Site can be targeted when somebody searches for it. Google Search Engines then position your Web Site accordingly and measure it's organic - "natural" or un-organic -"payed for" position in browser. It's important that optimisation is good made, otherwise the visitors may not find what they want, so they navigate away from your site. This way not only he Web Site didn't attract your targeted audience, but also made you damage, Google Search Engines will calculate this actions and your Web Site will be positioned lower as a search result. Since we offer a basic SEO, we can hire an outside professional, who will really dig into the code of your website.

It's a good practise to connect your Web Site to different Social Media Networks, and not only with links, but also with inserted codes, p.e. Pixel code, Google Analytics Code etc.

Further we suggest to target the right audience from the visual point of view with the usage of correct, sharp, large enough images and icons, that help users to navigate through page, find contact and other information fast. Keep your content clear and remove the unnecessary information. Keep in mind, your visitors will want to have information fast at hand, but also, it should be attractive.


So that Website doesn’t contain too much text for a user to read, but enough for Google robots, we will integrate "Read more” option. This way your website will look clean and not text-crowded, while Google engines will work in the back and have enough text for your Web Site to be ranked high in a browser.


Multiple languages are helping your clients to understand your offer better in their language. For this function we can provide you a bilingual site with a Change Language option and connect you with a translator at This way you can receive offers for different languages from different translating agencies. Some even provide a "native speaker check-up". You are welcome to contact us for more information.


You can decide for yourself if you'd like to advertise your email address, a phone number or any other contact data. But if you want your clients to contact you in other ways, you can decide for an Anti-Spam Protected Contact Form or a Newsletter Contact Form. This ways users will contact you through your Web Site and you can basically dictate which information you want from them wile contacting you.


We will create your site modern with a use of responsiveness for all of the apparatus to read (desktop, mobile, pad, ...) and we will design your site according to design standards. If you want some extra effects, we can offer you a WP based Plugin for Parallax effect or simple CSS animations. Your page will be WordPress based and you will receive an Admin access. This way you can always change texts and pictures on your own, if you want to.


We will keep your copy of the Web Site just in case something goes wrong. For those of you who don’t wan't to service your Web Site on your own, we offer yearly support, so we can make small changes like changing or adding pictures and texts for you, besides taking care of latest version of your WordPress, WP Template, Plugins and more.


Further you will receive Domain Related Email Addresses to your liking and if you are interested in a Newsletter, an Email Design or SOCIAL MEDIA Advertising, you are invited to contact us at SOCIALMEDIA@E-CREATE.EU.

If you would like to receive a personal offer for your Web Site, please contact us at

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On Jan 30, 2020 only Facebook itself had 2.5 billion users and it's daughter-product and users' screen-time-competitor Instagram is somewhat behind with 1 billion users on a monthly basis. That being said, Social Media became one of the strongest fields of todays marketing. As pro ECO- and BIO- Solutions, we are happy to spread the word, it has finally overcome the press in 2019.


And how do we contribute? For Facebook, Instagram, and other networks, such as Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube, Xing and more, we prepared a package called SOCIAL MEDIA. It includes the correct file-sizes for each network. It's important to notice every social media network changes their file-sizes every year and to help you upload your brand-, business- or personal- profile image and cover photo, we are giving away the package for a reasonable and affordable price.

It's worth mentioning Social Media Package includes over 100 files, among other Email signature, Banners, Newsletter Design and more. We hereby urge that the print is no longer in the first place nor necessary for advertising purposes.

Secondly, we decided in 2020 that we will upgrade your Social Media Package for free in the following year, if you decide to re-upload a newer version of your logo and adjust the sizes. If you already have our Social Media Package, we recommend you use this opportunity and contact us. Subject FREE UPGRADE.


Further on, we considered a great amount of time, you spend on social media for marketing purposes and build another package SOCIAL AD in which we offer to do the needed marketing instead of you. We create your social media network profiles, and also carefully prepare names of your networks, connect them with other social networks, groups, and your target-group-individuals.

But mostly, we prepare strategic plan of your marketing and build Social Media Ads for the future months according to your desire. This way they coincide with your business plans and you can focus on your regular business priorities.

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PACKAGE FB ADS for only 149 EUR / month

The package is intended for regular advertising on the social network Facebook. Because advertising takes a lot of time, we've come to your aid.

We prepare an advertising strategy that includes a 3-month plan (minimum order).

We arrange for you:

  • 15 ads,
  • advertising strategy, ie. monthly plan,
  • design of text and images,
  • publication of relevant articles related to your brand,
  • Like groups that are relevant to your brand,
  • inviting other individuals, groups and pages to like your FB page and
  • bilingual or trilingual advertising (Slovenian, English, German) *, **.

* Possibility of advertising in other languages ​​for an additional fee.

** You can submit formed text which E-CREATE publishes on FB and does not accept responsibility for it.

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